忙しくて楽しかった!- Busy and Fun!

This will be a short post because I just want to say some things about what I did yesterday and today! To be honest, this week was exhausting. Making sure that I study everything and taking the train back and forth to school is really tiring. I just haven’t been motivated so I have to stay up late to make up for it. I’ve also had a lot of social events this week which also made it hard to keep track of my time well. In all honesty, I’ve basically been reading all week and putting my responsibilities to the side. It’s fun but I am recovering now because being tired sucks so much!

Aside from the Rikkyo Welcome Party for international students that came this Fall, I also went to JOINUS Coffee Hour yesterday. There was an assortment of drinks and we were divided into teams and played games. At the end of all the games, the team with the most points won a huge bag of Japanese candy – it was my team. Talk about exciting!! All of the candy was extremely delicious and I could make some new friends as well!12065601_1688805964688355_4036017450549333530_n Thanks a lot Team #1, it was really great to work together with you! 🙂

Then today, I got to meet with someone from my university’s language school. Nicola has been visiting various universities around Japan that we are partnered with and when she came to Rikkyo we organized to meet up after I was done classes for the day! I also worked with her for a year at my university so it was really fun to talk to her and tell her all about my perspective of Tokyo and life in Japan. We walked around Ikebukuro and found a place to eat, which was really hard because Nicola is a vegetarian and I am not sure what the ingredients are in a lot of Japanese food! Eventually we could go to an Indian restaurant (name unknown…) and eat samosa, curry, and naan bread. It was so delicious but now I am so full! It was good for us that the restaurant owner was from Nepal and spoke English because I know nothing about Indian food so Nicola had to order everything!None the less, it was really great to meet up with someone from my university in Japan. 10940640_10156226016940602_8675355912289392739_nI’m glad that we could meet for sure!

On another note – I also voted in the Canadian Federal Election today. Even though I am abroad I think that is really important that I participate in politics because they are effecting me. I hope that more students realize how important it is to vote, especially in a federal election. If you don’t like how things are run, complaining isn’t going to do anything about it. You have to act on it and one of the ways that we do that is to vote. It may seem like your vote doesn’t matter, but imagine if all of the students that don’t vote voted! Then their votes would definitely make a difference. It’s just my opinion, but if I can be bothered to vote from a different country where I have to register and send my ballot via mail, then someone that is in Canada should definitely do it no problem. It’s not as hard as you think, even with the new laws!!

Until next time! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend Canadians (^-^)

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