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Buying Concert Tickets at Lawson

For anyone that has been following my blog and somehow still does despite infrequent postings, you may know that I went to see my first live concert last December in Japan. Since then I have been to three other concerts, two of which were purchased through LOPPI at Lawson. The next two concerts that I will go to see were also purchased in this way and it made me think that it would be good to show a step-by-step process on how to get tickets; especially considering that the first time in bought my concert tickets at Lawson it took me over an hour to navigate through the various menus in Japanese and fill in all the required information to actually get a ticket. I hope that my experience can be helpful to others and if you have any questions about the system please feel free to ask in the comments! I will reply as quickly as I can!

Please note that this guide is for those that have successfully entered and won a ticket lottery! Those with only an L-Code will most likely follow a similar procedure but I have never done it before so I can’t be sure that all the steps are exactly the same!

Step One: Find a Lawson or Natural Lawson. For anyone that does not know, Lawson is one of the many convenience store chains in Japan. Google has a good general knowledge of where they may be located, though Google Maps tends to be less complete outside of city centres. Most Lawson stores will have a LOPPI machine but there are stores that do not have one. Once you arrive at the store, you should look for a red machine that says LOPPI on the side of it. This is where you are going to buy your ticket for the concert. You must also bring the e-mail that you received for your ticket with you. If you don’t have internet on your phone you can take a screen shot or right down all the required numbers. You also need to know the phone number that you entered the ticket lottery with as this functions as confirmation of y

Step Two: If the screen is in screen saver mode then touch the screen to bring the options onto the screen. It should look something like the image below. You want to press the button on the left. This button is for people with an L-Code, a reception number (used in ticket lotteries), product numbers, etc. After you click this button a new menu will appear.b612_20160925_185937

Step Three: On this screen you are required to enter your number for the concert ticket. The top bar is a drop down menu but this is automatically on the correct setting for buying a concert ticket so it does not need to be changed. Aside from the number and letter buttons, there are also other buttons to input small letters (小文字入力), erase (一字もどる), space (一字あける), and to erase everything (すべて消す). Once you input the number correctly a orange button should appear in the bottom right hand side of the screen. This button will appear in later pictures.


Step Four: A screen with the number you have just input and some options will appear. You want to select the option that is for the Reserved Ticket.b612_20160925_190055

Step Five: The new screen that appears will have your previously inputted number and a chance to change it/confirm that it is correct. As long as it is correct nothing needs to be done and you should press the orange button to continue to the next screen. .b612_20160925_190116

Step Six: On this screen you are asked to input the phone number that you used to fill out the ticket lottery application. Remembering this phone number is SO IMPORTANT. If you do not have the correct phone number you cannot buy the ticket. If there was a mistake in the number it is possible to call and find out the correct one but it should be an input mistake such as accidentally omitting a number. I did this once and it was extremely inconvenient, especially if you cannot speak or understand Japanese well, so be careful.b612_20160925_190125

Step Seven: If you can’t read Japanese just press the orange button and continue. It is basically the terms and conditions. b612_20160925_190143

Step Eight: The next page is asking if you have any of the cards shown in the picture. If you do not have the cards press the blue button. If you have one of the cards then you should press the orange button. However, I do not have any of the cards shown so I have never gone through these options before. I assume that you would have to choose the card that you have and input the information from the card.b612_20160925_190153

Step Nine: On this page you are required to enter your name. You must have a space between first and last name for it to work. In order to change your name into katakana you should press the button that begins with the characters かな. You must do this for each individual word. If you cannot read Japanese you should ask a friend or coworker to help you learn to write your name using hiragana before you go to the store. Once complete press the orange button to continue.b612_20160925_190209

Step Ten: These final two pages are your last change to abort ticket purchase on the LOPPI. The first screen is a summary of your purchase and also your title. Once you press the orange button to accept a pop-up asking if you are sure will appear. Orange button means you confirm.I have not provided a picture for this section for my own convenience as it was extremely difficult to blank out all of my personal information on this screen. However, the price is very clearly laid out so you should be able to see the total clearly. It is in the bottom right of the screen.

Step Eleven: After you confirm the machine will print a receipt for the purchase. Take this to the cash register and pay. There you will receive a confirmation paper that states either when your ticket will be mailed to you or when you need to come back to Lawson to receive a printed ticket from them. You won’t know what seat you have gotten until you receive this final ticket. Please be care about this paper receipt that you receive until you get your official ticket as it will not get you into the concert.

I hope that my intructions along with my pictures can help you navigate your way through purchasing a ticket at Lawson! It is definitely more work than buying your ticket through Pia at Family Mart or 7-11. If there is some kind of mistake or something that I should add please tell me so that I can improve what I have provided. If there is enough demand, I can also write a post on how to enter a ticket lottery for Lawson tickets and tickets purchased through other convenience stores through Pia. I have also attached the link to the LOPPI English Guide on the Lawson Ticket website:LOPPI Guide – English

Safe concert going and enjoy!


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