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Long Time No See Trekking Tokyo

It’s been around three months since my last entry on Trekking Tokyo despite promises of better practices.None the less, I can say that there were no posts because I was so busy juggling between numerous fantastic experiences and school work that I just could not quite figure out how to bring a balance into my day to day life so that I could also blog about these experiences and upload pictures. It’s tragic for the few people that I know were following my blog and I regret the lack of entries but I am here to say that this is not yet the end!

As almost no one knows – because I never told anyone – I am actually not going back to Canada to finish my degree this year. Through some twist of fate I have extended my stay at Rikkyo University for another year where I will continue to be a special international student taking Japanese language courses and various other courses mostly relating to Japan and global society as a whole. This transition into the extension process has been pretty stressful and the stress hasn’t ended yet. As I simultaneously wrap up my final essay of the semester and prepare to leave the dormitory I am also preparing to say goodbye to the friends that I have been together with since September. I must admit that it is going to be a little strange when they are no longer here but I will just have to keep my chin up because there are still lots of lovely people going to be here with me and there will be a lot of new people coming to become friends with and have fun together.

As I am entering my final year of university from September it has also been kind of tricky. I have had to accept that my graduation is going to happen next October, rather than the May Convocation that I have been imagining since I have entered university. Because of this change I am more determined than ever to make my second year at Rikkyo and in Japan a worthwhile experience. In order to do this I have made several goals for myself (yet to be written down) and also started to organize my day to day life in a more productive way. I don’t want to jinx my plans so I will not be listing them here, but I definitely plan on blogging more, especially this summer, and also blogging in a slightly different style. I think that I am going to try to have a combination of personal and also informative posts. I know I’ve made this kind of promise before but I think that doing it this way could be incredibly motivating!

Sorry there were no pictures today but from next week I will be rolling out my new plan! Prepare for a possible reorganization and a new post next week! (I am now accountable to actually do it!)

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