The Final Countdown

On September 2 I am going to be leaving Canada to start my Japanese experience in Tokyo at Rikkyo University! I’ll be flying from Halifax to Toronto to Haneda Airport. The flight will be around 19 hours so I am excited but also really nervous. I have only flown to Toronto and back and I have never left North America. I worry a little about navigating the airport and asking for help if I need it. There is no pick-up service for me so I have to get from the airport to my dormitory on my own!

Actually, I got my official admissions package this week which contained specific details about my dormitory. I applied to live in RUID Shiki, which is on the edge of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture. I also found out in this package that I got a scholarship for this dormitory, meaning I get to live there for free!! It relieves a lot of stress actually.

Finally getting my package also means that I could finally apply for my visa! I went with my friend Renee yesterday to get pictures and send off my application in the mail. Sending something so important in the mail is kind of scary so hopefully it arrives safely and there are no problems. I’m a little worried because normally I would have to go to the nearest embassy or consulate to apply for my Japanese visa, but with permission I am sending it in the mail. I think that it makes the process a little more complicated so there is a higher chance that something could go wrong but I am trying to remain positive!

In my package there was also information on something called the “Buddy Program”. Basically, it is a system to help international students adjust to life in Japan and at Rikkyo. My group has eight students, four from Rikkyo and four international students; there are six girls and only two boys so it should be interesting! The paper in the package has their College and their contact information, as well as a really cute welcome picture. When I saw it for the first time I actually cried a little from excitement. I am going to e-mail my Japanese buddies soon and introduce myself seeing as one of my international buddies from Germany has already added me on Facebook! (^-^)

It’s time to start my checklist but I can’t wait to document all the trials and tribulations I will go through between now, when I get to Japan, and after I come home. The final countdown to take off has officially started!

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