Visiting friend from Hiroshima

I had an extremely busy and wet weekend! The reason for my busy schedule was because someone from my university in Canada came to visit Tokyo for the weekend. Because I am the only person she knows here and she is on exchange outside of Hiroshima, which is far away from Tokyo and also quite small, I helped her navigate the transportation system and also took her to some places in Tokyo that I thought she would like. The reason for the wet should be obvious…we walked everywhere all weekend long and it rained so much on Saturday and it was so cold and terrible. None the less, we got to go to a lot of fun places, I could buy cool stuff, and I think that I successfully helped her survive the weekend without any real problems on my part.

The weekend started with me going to pick Shannon up at Haneda Airport! It was a little nostalgic to pass by the International Terminal where I walked my first steps in Japan. Honestly, the travel was a lot better than it was coming from the airport my first time – probably because I hadn’t been travelling for 18 hours and had no suitcases. Initially I was really worried about finding where to pick her up in the airport because Haneda has two domestic terminals, but after careful research of their website I discovered that certain airlines only land in certain terminals so as soon as I looked at the map on the website and found out her flight number I was fine. It was really easy to navigate the airport actually so the extra hour that I had given myself to get lost was completely unnecessary. However, I discovered when I got there that the arrival doors are separated not just by airline but also by if they have checked baggage or not…I had no idea what Shannon had. I ended up guessing wrong but had stayed at an exit that she would have to walk toward if I had guessed wrong so she found me quickly and without issue. After we left the airport, we successfully went to a restaurant and ate omurice without help (no pics,sorry guys) and went to Animate! Shannon bought lots of cute things but I didn’t buy anything Friday night. We found her hostel (Sakura Hotel) and finished the night.

The next morning we woke up to the horrors of a lost passport and freezing rain and running around the police stations looking for it. After we finished that we had time to go to Shin-Okubo to see if Shannon could get anything for her concert later Saturday night, which was the reason that she came to Tokyo. In our last store we were both FINALLY able to find some really awesome things that we wanted. I could finally get the Super Junior socks that I have wanted for years and got some Donghae pictures too. For anyone that doesn’t know, Donghae is my favourite member of my first k-pop (Korean Pop) group, Super Junior. I have no pictures of these items and because they are already in different locations it’s a little hard to take one now. I could also buy really cute shoes which I also don’t have a picture of. Please forgive my laziness.

On Sunday, we decided to go to Akihabara for more exploring. We went there and honestly spent hours in the two branches of Animate that are there.
It was another success for me because I was finally able to get a keychain of a character that I really like in an anime that I watch. We were even in luck to see an exhibition of a currently airing anime that I like. I carried a poster from it around all day but lost it when we went for curry for supper…Whoops. We also did purikura in Akihabara, which I LOVE!

At the very end we quickly went to Asakusa to see the Skytree and Senso-ji, both places that I have been before. We were both delighted to see that the Skytree was lit up as the French flag just as many other national buildings were around the world. Another thing that I found absolutely wonderful was how empty the temple was! I mean, Shannon couldn’t experience the cool shops but it was so easy to walk around and take pictures! It was ideal.

Anyway, that’s basically it. It was a great weekend and I’ll be glad to welcome her back and any other friend that wants to go around and play with me!

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